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This is the first news set out for "Abstract Anteater" and as such I will try to touch on everything. This post explains what our game is about, the innovations it brings to the industry, the unique gameplay it tries to provide, a list of recently squashed bugs, a list of future goals that we are currently working on, and a list of known bugs that are still skewing the gameplay. This is just a quick summary to get anyone who might be interested an idea of what I am creating.

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Abstract Anteater

"Abstract Anteater" is an independent free puzzle/maze game that's being created in Game Maker 8.

"Abstract Anteater" is a maze game, however it takes an innovative step to try and stay out of the tedious boredom that most maze games are by adding the innovation of width and length to the player. Although at first glance it many very well appear that a maze is easy and has several ways to win it is only a trick. The reality is that the player is too awkwardly sized to fit through all possible exits forcing you to approach the maze in a different way then what the mind is used to. "Abstract Anteater" is not so much a maze game as it is a mind bending puzzle game.

What I currently have done so far.
-Collision has been successfully implemented
-7+ Levels
-Fixed "The Anteater Slide" Bug
-Music has been finished and implemented
-The player is animated when moving.
-A new plant tile has been added for decorating the maps
-IndieDB page is now up

Known Bugs
-The music seems to trip up during the first level
-Old maps might have misplaced collision objects

Future Goals
-Hunker down and finish a bunch of levels.
-Provide sound affects for collision
-HUD with level counter
-Main menu
-Level select
-Beta Release

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