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This patch changes early enemy fighter weapons with a new slower firing weapon for less bombardment, and updates to missions including additional briefing dialogue as needed.

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Patch Notes for 2.2.0 Release (20210912)
Overview - Early enemy fighter weapons feel less overwhelming due to the fast firing rate


  • Amend - Track IR anchor point made same as VR
  • Amend - There are now two versions of the laser bolt cannon (Rapid Firing and Standard)
  • Amend - Vomitoria and Drosophilia now use slower firing laser bolt cannon
  • Amend - Updated weapon lore entries for the laser bolt cannon variants
  • Amend - Updated the 21 Absolute Territory missions to include the new standard laser bolt cannon. Added briefing text highlighting when new ships are made available. Added briefing text to make known about experimental laser weapon being available in mission 20

Simulator Modes

  • Amend - Wave and Gauntlet to include the new standard laser bolt cannon

Campaign Menu

  • Amend - Removed Tutorials as a campaign item selection (they are still available under Simulator menu). They no longer have skip dialogue, since all tutorials are available and there was no need to skip

ship selection

transport assault

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