Article contains all the needed info about the mod installation\deinstallation, finding a log and etc. All the needed help is here, read it before asking typical questions.

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ABR MOD 2.1.1


This mod provided to community totally free as it is. The authors are not responsible if this mod does not meet your personal expectations. This mod will not be taken apart or changed until authors will decided it should be.

If you unpack the mod and make your own tweaks, you will not receive any support, we will not fix your bugs, if you want to mod this mod, mod it yourself alone.


This mod is NOT COMPATIBLE with ANY other mod or file besides clean vanilla game.

01. Fresh installation of the game is needed.
02. To avoid any coflicts, delete or rename your old appdata* folder from other mods.
03. Install required components.

DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

Visual Studio 2008 (VC++ 9.0) SP1 (no longer supported)

Install both vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe


*If appdata is not in the game directory. Open fs_game.ltx as a txt file, first line $app_data_root$ will show the way to it. Delete or rename this folder. This is the storage of your saves, logs and user.ltx file.


00. For Steam users: RMB click on game -> Properties -> Local files -> Browse
01. Make a backup of BIN and PATCHES folders.
02. Merge BIN and PATCHES folders of the mod with game ones.


01. Delete your BIN and PATCHES folders.
02. Restore backups of your vanilla BIN and PATCHES folders.
03. Delete mod appdata folder.

Mod addons:

01. To install mod addons, merge addon PATCHES folder with game one.
02. To remove mod addons, delete its db file from PATCHES folder.
03. If some db file were replaced with mod addon, replace it with original mod one.


01. The highest difficulty in vanilla game is a laughstock. Try story difficulty here first to not cry later, if you are not ready to adapt and survive.
02. Make hard saves every now and then by ~save [name of the save file without brackets].
03. DX9 (recommended) is recommended for max settings and best experience. NO DISCUSSIONS.
04. For more graphical options use "more expert options" addon.
05. To turn off weapon inertion: ~ g_use_aim_inertion 0 - off, 1 - on.
06. If the crash is not repeatable, this is not a crash.

Hidden controls:

"Shift" to take everything from the box or a backpack.
Hold "Ctrl" to move all stacked items.

Possible bugs:

01. If picture is overbrighten and without shadows, click "Fix Lighting" in the main menu.
02. Text hangs on the screen - take off and on the helmet.
03. Out of memory crash - load last save.
04. Stack Trace: - load last save.
05. Any NPC headshot crash - load last save.
06. Any unrepeatable random crash - load last save.
07. After taking anabiotic you hear the rumble - save game and load it, use anabiotic
right after message about the Emission to avoid this glitch.
08. A very strong fps drop can occur between Eastern Tunnel and Jupiter Plant - save
game and load it.
09. You die in Jupiter underground from the emission - load the save before entering
the tunnel, probably emission will start in 1-2 minutes, wait for the end.
10. Sokolov or a military guy don’t go to evacuation point - just leave them behind, it
doesn’t effect ending anyhow.
11. During the Evacuation Mission squad stops and not moving - replay from the last
hardsave. Make hardsaves during the evac mission, when squad is on the move. It
is possible that this mission can have glitches if replayed from quicksaves.
12. During the Evacuation Mission crash on loading save - load that save again, try to
find a safe place and make another hard save.
13. If you have troubles or crashes with Evacuation mission, chose Story difficulty and
finish it at once without intermediate saves.
14. If you have crashes moving towards the mission marker on second visit to Pripyat
(Unknown, Radio interference), try to replay from autosave, or load save before
autosave, if you have one.
15. Exe file is modified, so antivirus might check it.
16. If you can't change resolution after you already selected one, go to user.ltx and change vid_mode ----x---- to your height and width resolution. Open fs_game.ltx as a txt file, the first line will show where is user data folder. Open user.ltx as a txt file.

How to get a crash log:

01. Open fs_game.ltx as a txt file, first line $app_data_root$ will show the way to it.
02. Open logs folder, open the log.ltx as a txt file, scroll to the bottom.
03. Copy everything after FATAL ERROR in the end of the file.
Alternative: Press Ctrl+V right after the crash to paste the needed log part in text field.

Mod addons:

01. Language text forced switchers to change lang independently from your game localization
02. Low spec options include
02.1 [experimental] longer weather distance (only for minimal settings and DX8)
02.2 low spec levels for any settings (best for minimal settings and DX8)
02.3 twice smaller weapon textures (spares 500mb) (best for minimal settings)
03. Bigger inventory cells
04. Green scope reticles
05. Head bobbing
06. More expert options
07. No helmet overlay and weapon holster
08. No rain

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