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In this news post we explain how Voidnex: Frontier is doing development wise.

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Voidnex: Frontier is a game about progression, you start as a person with a ship, its small, not in the best condition and is crewed by two nameless half-wits who will probably just make a mess of everything, your goal is to go from these humble beginnings to the person you want to be.

  • Be it someone with the wealth of nations, with a fleet of the finest freighters with a tight knit crew of talented and well trained merchants captaining the ships in your fleet and serving on your flagship super-freighter.
  • A terrifying pirate haunting the space-lanes with your fleet of marauders, using your mighty Supercarrier to plunder the cargo of those who get in your way and crush those who try to stop you.
  • As a smuggler and a mercenary, using your stealth ships to run black market materials past police blockades or hunt down and destroy your targets for cash and fade into the black before you can be caught.
  • As well as many others!

Although Frontier has been in development for a while, this is the first point where we have more to show than screenshots of Visual Studio and debug windows forms (as interesting as they are, they really are not pretty!) so rather than have countless screenshots of testing forms and code we decided to wait before showing off Frontier.

InDev Showroom scene 1
Much nicer than a windows form

As of this point the vast majority of game logic is complete (you can actually play the game in a horrible set of non-uniform Windows Forms), however we believe that Frontier should be a pretty game and as a result have selected the Unity engine to be the game user interface.

This particular windows form is the mass combat tester

Development itself is steaming along nicely and we are currently expecting to release in Q4 of 2013, on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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