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With the closing of Gamestorm and the fall of EA’s MPBT3025 the community has been feed with promises and hopes of a new game that would replace what we all have come to miss so much. The on line game mods for MW4 have kept us busy and with help from NBT and Mektek have kept the community hopeful over the years and somewhat active.

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Our Mission and goals are to provide the community with a playable Battletech game that is affordable and hi quality. A game that will bring hours of play time and will be challenging to both expert players and novices. We plan on using the current game ranking system and assist converted over to battletech to give the pilot something more than just running around shooting things. Pilots will earn their mechs. Gain experience and be rewarded for their deeds on the battlefield. They will be able to partake in massive size battles ranging in size from 2 – 64 players. There will be battlefield commanders and lance leaders. A working Planetary Capture Campaign System or PCCS that will allow 2 teams to battle over a 5 zone map with the victors gaining total control of the planet by taking all 5 zones or the defenders repelling the invading team buy pushing them off their landing zone. The idea was to use the ISW Client as the PCCS but with the problems with ISW’s development we added out own 5 zone planet map to our mod client. This opens the doors up for other PC league play such as NBT or Z-Group.

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