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Hello peoples so today i will tell you some news about upcoming update!

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Hello peoples so today i will tell you some news about upcoming update:

1.Update models:

I update a visual look of models for Nyra,Celestia and Molly.

2.New Color Complects:

A adds a four new complects to a random drop for (Selina: Red Poison complect) (Molly: Blue Courage complect) (Indzaro: Purple Shadow complect) (Trixie: Yellow Darg complect)

3.Improved intellect for AI logic:

Bot's have some bugs with strategy and some of their actions is typical,so improve their intellect for better —Āompetition to players.

Not a full changelog but i instantly update this article if there would be something new.

About tournaments, i will enter them if in Legions War will be more than 20 Legionaires.

Also i work over update what improve visual look of in-game menu.

For now Legions War in a OBT stage.

Note:Additive Spells has been renamed to Bundles Of Spells,Bundles Of Spells include 2 extra ability,in current status Legions War have 8 Bundles Of Spells what include 16 variations of bundles.

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