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It's time for a more detailed description of my little HL2-modification called Haven Falls...

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Hi there :)

First of all, i'm working on this all alone. So unfortunately there will be no custom coding, enemies or weapons, simply because it's too much work for me alone (and i'm not a coder). There are a few concept-drawings for creatures and weapons, but they will never appear in the final mod, so for now, i refrain from posting them here...

I've modified all weapon-textures and a few of the sounds as well (except the crowbar - i'm still working on this one).

All the enemies and characters have modified skins, the zombies are now less bloody and more like water-corpses and the combines are covered in mud and dirt (detailled screens are coming soon). Same goes for many of the prop-models (especially the combine-devices).

I've also created many completely new textures and modified most of the original textures from HL2 before i used them. This includes new or modified normalmaps, sometimes much stronger reflections (for a wet look), color-corrections and retouching to reach an overall dirty and old look for the enviroment and equipment...

The HUD will be modified as well, but for now there's still the original HUD in the screenshots.

Hmm, what else can i say...?

Oh yes! After watching the screens, it may sound a bit strange when i say that the storyline fits into the Half Life 2 scenario, but let me assure you it really does.

Only so much for the story: You'll play a man who's searching for his wife (sounds incredibly fresh and original i know :) But there's more, i promise...

And last but not least: I hope i'm able to deliver a playable version of this mod within 2010.

I will provide new screenshots, informations and also one or two soundfiles during the next days and weeks.


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