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Before you sigh in disgust I have one thing to say... NO RULES!

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What is The Last Piece?

A Roleplay specifically created to bring out creativity and collaboration. It takes place in the fictional world of Zaeam where mighty dragons, wise rulers and beautiful silva life and die. Zaeam is rich in lore and teeming with a variety of life. Each day in this world is unique.

Why would I participate?

If you want to explore a new world and influence it then look no further. Your imagination can run wild as you create entire new lands, peoples and technologies. Everyone is welcome to join in and collaborate to create a chapter in this world.

How to I participate?

The Last Piece is best explained as an open novel. Everyone and anyone can read it and write their own chapter, creating a very unique, expansive world that is seemingly endless, limited only by your imagination.


No rules...


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Oh get lost you old fart, i heard theres an incredibly active star wars rp out there teeeming with rules xDDDD

Nah but seriously why not, doesnt have to cater to anyone. The rules in the star wars rp kinda deaded it anyway. Not sure if ill join dis tho i might.

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Tis' was a joke mate :P

But to counter, I will say that rules only exists due to people who cannot see past themselves. They are a matter of maturity, mind and in roleplaying cases, the limits of the universe. Don't blame the rules. Blame people. :P

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