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First of all, this game is OpenSource. It will be allways free. Possibly all of art works, models, sounds, textures, maps and code will be free under a open license. This game is made by gamers for gamers. By the community to the community.

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Hello all members of

This is a little of our project:

Actually we have 2 modelers at the team. We have a few contributors that help us, modelers, with the coding stuff.
We still have a lot of things to implement at the code until we release our source.

For mapping we are using Net Radiant and Blender 3D. And for lightmap we use IrrEdit.

We have choose Irrlicht Engine because of the freedom of its license, the huge community and the huge grown of developers.
The game will share with the community its resources, sources and materials for learning, reuse, redistribute and modify.

The license will be changed from New-BSD License soon.


Thanks for passing by and read this news, fell free to take a look at our Images seccion and see our WIP.
Thanks for the attention.

victorborges at gmail dot com

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