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Hiya guys its been a while. I have been doing all sorts of stuff sorry to keep you guys in the dark.

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Sorry for being away form this project for a while. As some of you might know I said I would make a new engine for this game and post pictures once I have something else to show than different colored geometric shapes well today is the day.

So there still isn't too much to look at but the core engine is almost 100% done. You will also notice a lot new things compared to Remnants fragments of the past. This was supposed to be a new engine for remnants but its now forming to its own game.

As you can see most of the graphics are place holders, most of the stats, skills etc are missing so this will still take some time to be finished. Thou you can see thirst and hunger icons as well as more inventory space, inventory load, a lot better quickslots and more of them. Also character appearances can now be customized. ( also the dude is hiding in the bush as I haven't made any armor graphics yet )

I hope you liked it I will post something new once I get it further. Please leave a comment =)

No comments make me a sad Panda =(

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