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I played CoD 2 with my friends and in time I found that I don't really like guns in the game. So I created this mod it makes guns more realistic. I am using skins and models from Back2Fronts mod with means that their author is MCh2207Cz and authors of Walther P38 are MCh2207Cz Torre. I really like Back2Fronts mod so I tried to import as many thinks from Back2Fronts as possible. Like grenades and so on. So every visual change in the game exept MP-40 skin, which was made by Jakob93.

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About the guns


Colt 1911 - most powerful pistol in the game, big recoil, big power.
Webley - Almost the same as Colt. But with a little bit lower damage, recoil and has only 6 bullets.
Tokarev TT - Less powerful then Colt, but has lower recoil (but it's still quite big)
Walther P38 - If you don't like Tokarev try this one. In stats it's similar.

Mauser Kar98k (also with scope) - 5 round bolt-action rifle. Very accurate and powerful
Mosin-Nagant (also with scope) - Difference between this one and Kar98k is in the sights (Mosin has better IMHO), but bolting is maybe a little bit slower
Lee-Enfield (also with scope)- Fastest bolt-action rifle in the game and has 10 bullets in the magazine. But sights are not best.
G43(also with scope) - Same caliber as Mauser. But it's a little bit less powerful and accurate because it's semi-automatic. But it's also powerful, accurate and you don't have to bolt after every shot
SVT-40 - Similar to G43. Main difference is in the sights.
AVT-40 - Fully automatic version of SVT-40. So it's almost impossible to control it. Very big recoil. 15 round magazine.
M1 garand - recoil and damage is a little bit lower then G43 and SVT
M1 carbine - low recoil and low power for a rifle. It's also very light.

MP-40 - very easy to control it. Only 500 rpm and low recoil. So you can easily hit something even in longer bursts.
Thompson - using a .45 ACP round makes this gun very powerful, but it has bigger recoil and it's not easy to control it due it's big rate of fire. It's also quite heavy.
M3 grease gun - Same caliber as Thompson, but it has lower rate of fire and it's lighter.
PPSh-41 - best submachine gun for clearing rooms. 71 round drum magazine. But even if recoil is not as big it can be hard to control due it's big rate of fire. It's also heavy.
PPS-42 Sudajev - Easy to control. Quite light.
Sten - low accuracy, low rate of fire, low recoil, very light.

Machine guns


It's necessary to prone for aim with machine-guns

Bren - power and accuracy of rifle, rate of fire of SMG, but aiming is quite bad. Very heavy.

NOTE: model of BREN is not perfect and has not sight in the middle of aiming circle! Try to aim in the middle of this circle

BAR - Only 20 rounds, low rate of fire for a machine-gun but it has much better aiming then BREN. It's also very powerful and accurate. Very heavy.

Shotgun - good for short and middle ranges.

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