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Basic, initial information about the project itself.

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Welcome to my mod project called 'Dawn of the IQ Fighters'!

This mod is aimed to create an alternate history in Hearts of Iron IV.

So what is this, basically?

An alternate history mod, originating from a meme of a small circle. The scenario plays in 1936, where the IQ Fighter movement takes over Hungary, and tries to achieve world domination (by ridiculous methods).

What do you need to know?

  • Custom focus tree included
  • Custom media files
  • A custom ideology called 'IQ Fighter(ism)'

Plans for later on:

  • Expand the story (e.g. more events)
  • Expand the focus tree with story-related events
  • Small balance so it won't be as overpowered as it is now

Constructive feedback of any kind is warmly welcome and appreciated.

NOTE: Compatibility with older game versions and DLCs are not guaranteed.

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