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A summary of why there hasn't been any News in like almost a Year

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First off: the mod is not dead!

However, due to my very poor work ethic, progress is unfortunetly kinda slow and all over the place. I have been working on DerpHammer every once in a while, doing loads of work in a couple of days, then doing nothing for a few weeks as I focus on another project that ultimatly goes nowhere. The work in question is also sort of haphazard as I go between redoing a bunch of old models (which even with the intended derpiness looked really bad) and trying to aimlessly organize the various factions and units.

This has been further emphasized by my decision to make it no longer a direct recreation of Warhammer, but moreso heavily inspired by it. This means I have been reorganizing the work i already did and rethinking what I still need to do. As the whole mod is sort of an unfocussed mess, I'm hesitant to post actual updates since I don't want to promise stuff that I then go back on because it doesn't work as well as I thought it would.

(Also making models for new units is significantly more fun then implementing the units, which kinda prevents any meaningfull progress)

I am sorry for the lack of updates and I don't know if/when that will change.


Appricate the clarification on whats going on. Maybe consider posting about the new direction youre taking?

Being warhammer inspired im sure that we would love to hear about the new factions and units that will come with such an artistic departure!

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Timnaka Author

I'll try to be better about that going forward

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