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thats the amount the latest version (1.17c) has been hosted on Azeroth and Northrend within 14 days! on both servers!this huge amount is due to some guy(s) that have a bot hosting the map automatically... it does not say anything about the quality the games have :P

but however, it's a good way for you to play, if you can't host yourself
a few things that are planned on version 1.18

•criticals on spells and on normal attacks (atm its just one crit thing)
•a new stat (called charisma) that increases the amount that is healed and maybe some other things, that can come along with a new inventory system
•a new inventory system
•some more creep ability or diversity (always good!)
•changed ratio of how much spelldamage is added
like: a multi-hitting spell will get less bonus from spelldamage and/or base damage (which will be named different maybe)
•some spells deal damage based on attck power and some on magic power
•changed critical rate and damage with calculating agility

anyway, i will continue the work on it, when the inventory system is finally released, because im sooo sick of the warcraft 3 inventory, that i do not want to do any further development on the map with that bad.... stain... ruining it!

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