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A brief introduction to Beyond The Veil, its story, and its features.

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Beyond The Veil is a hybrid text-based/top-down/survival game. Take the role of The Wanderer, as he journeys across a dark wasteland at the behest of The Necromancer, an immortal woman who believes she can save her dying world by raising the gods from their eternal slumber.


Beyond The Veil uses light RPG mechanics paired with a real-time combat system to complement the narrative themes of the story. The wasteland is a harsh place, and its inhabitants no less so. In the Dark World death will always find you. Even if you find manage to find enough food and water, even if you keep your demons at bay, and you keep the nightmares away, it will catch you. So just keep moving.

To survive you will need to find water to quench your thirst and food to stave off your hunger. Resources from ancient wrecks and ruined temples offer you respite when the harshness of the world becomes too much to bear.

A host of additional characters can help The Wanderer. Each has their own story to tell, attributes, and unique abilities. Living weapons, ancient armour, and mysterious trinkets can all be used to aid you in your quest to awaken the gods of old.

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The weather of the wasteland is extremely varied- sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse. Whilst heatwave will dry the water from the earth, rain will return it. Always keep an eye on the mood of the sky, it can be as much a boon as a hindrance to you.

Procedurally generated areas and gear, dynamic weather, and a variety of characters create a different challenge every time you play the game.

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Why so much text?

I believe that text is something that is not fully exploited in modern games. The written word has the ability to stimulate our imagination that no other media can. Beyond The Veil is heavily text-based to immerse you, the player, and to allow you to visualise it as you see fit. By allowing you the opportunity to fill in detail that is not provided visually, I believe that your experience with The Wanderer will be uniquely yours.

Where can I get it?

Beyond The Veil is available on Steam.

You can follow Beyond The Veil on Twitter and Facebook, as well as on my site Incubator Creations

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