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About the demo. Things don't always go as expected.

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Hello everyone in Moddb!

The Otherworld is going to take long, very long...
So, instead of a Demo, I have thinked in releasing it by chapters and, when finished, releasing it too as a whole custom story.

By the moment, I'm thinking a lot if I do three chapters or two. I'm declining myself more for the two chapter option, so more immersion is made.

Also, a friend of me, Rembar, is going to help me in mapping so this story can be released as soon as possible.

I got maya this same night, so I can probabily make a whole new monster with an animator (KH55) a guy who is helping me a lot ^^

So, the people who is going to help me in this are:

KH55 (animator)
Bunnyppopop (Voice actor, monster voice actor)
Solipsist (Voice actor, monster voice actor)
Madkeim (Composer)
Rembar (mapper)

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