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The vests or armor work so that the more armored part absorb more damage but not from all projectiles. Like the vests normaly absorb 60% of damage but from larger calliber weapons like 7.62 it abosrbs only 20% 30% damage while from 50. cal it abosrbs 0% of damage also it abosrbs 90% of damage from pistol rounds. Also the Cell soldiers have arm and leg protection so they get allitle damage protection for legs and arms while the marines only have chest protection.

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Also the damage absorbed depends on the vest itself will it be a light vest (for snipers), medium (for most cell and marine soldiers), or heavy (for cell specops and some marine soldiers that i have added).
Now for the more marines part
There will be from 1 to 3 more marines in firefights. Also there equipment will be more different.
In a squad of 5 -6 soldiers there will be 3 soldiers with scar weapons 1 machinegunner with mk60 and 2 soldiers with grendel weapons.

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