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Space Roach is a free-form sandbox game set in space. You'll play as Roach, the greasiest, slimiest, cheapest scumbag Landlord in the whole galaxy. With a robust crafting system, you'll be mining asteroids, pinching pennies, and terraforming planets in no time! All in your quest to become the filthiest rich slumlord this side of the Galactic Core! It's a game filled with science fiction tropes, a good bit of humor, and one jerk of a protagonist!

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Meet Roach

The central concept of Space Roach is that you'll be playing as a greasy, unsavory character named Roach, who is a galactic real-estate developer and, thankfully, the last of his species, with the rest of his species having been wiped out by Humans.

Throughout the game, Roach's primary objective is to terraform new planets to further his real-estate development dreams and become filthy rich. Of course, he'll have to cut a few corners to get there. He's not really into that whole "following building codes" thing.

And it's not really THAT big of a deal if a few people on Omicron Draconis IV die, as long as you make a few extra bucks, right?

SpaceRoach RoachsShip

Meet Roach's Ship

Hey, it's not much to look at, but everyone has to start somewhere. Outfitted with a steel-tipped drilling unit, standard issue tractor beam, and an aftermarket plasma cannon (sold separately), it's got everything an independent contractor needs to start harvesting asteroids.

This ship will be your lifeline if you want to make it big out here in the galactic frontier. Plus, once you earn a few bucks, you'll be able to get some of those upgrades we've seen you eye-balling. Did someone say: "hyper-drive engine"?

SpaceRoach Crafting

The Crafting System

Space Roach has one of the best crafting systems ever seen in a mobile game!

Borrowing heavily from other games in the genre such as Minecraft, Space Roach will have you flying around the universe, mining asteroids, and crafting them into a variety of awesome things; such as new upgrades for your space ship, new terraforming tools for planets, and even planets themselves!

Craft core fragments to form a planet core. Then shoot it around the nearby star to create a new planet!

Craft atmosphere components to generate an atmosphere on the planet so that vegetation can begin to grow.

And finally, craft some buildings to begin populating the planet with life. Before long, you'll have turned a few useless chunks of stardust into a thriving world. And if things don't really work out... you could always blow it up and start over!

Tech tree purchase

The Technology Tree

Unlike any other tree you've ever seen, this tree bares the fruit of knowledge!

Okay, that was cheesy.... but seriously, the tech tree is where you'll go to research all kinds of new technologies, from terraforming to new ship upgrades.

Is your ship too slow? Pfft, no big deal! NEW TECH UPGRADE! SHABAM!

Is your weapon taking more shots than you'd like to kill your enemies? BLING BLING, MOTHERTRUCKER! NEW WEAPONS!

SpaceRoach Inventory 1

The Inventory

Whats the point of life if you can't build a bigger, badder, and more beastly ship than the guy next door?

That's right: there isn't one! That's why the inventory system allows you to upgrade your ship with awesome new weapons such as the ice cannon, which lets you freeze your enemies dead in their tracks.

But what do you do when someone won't get off of your galactic lawn? If you said "break out the black hole gun and crush them until they're the size of a Higgs-Boson" well then - damn, how did you know that?

And if that doesn't work... you could always tractor beam your enemies into the sun.

Meet the Tenants

Brain Slugs

The Brain Slug race, whose proper name cannot possibly be pronounced by a human tongue, is a sentient race of slugs that are reliant on a host body. The Brain Slugs, on their own, are moderately smarter than a gnat. But long ago, a group of Greys were on a reconnaissance mission to the Brain Slug home world. Before long, their brains were consumed and the cumulative knowledge of their species was absorbed by the Brain Slugs. The relationship between Brain Slugs and the Greys has never really recovered.

Race01 Icon


In the words of the great P9876-X54, "Beep, bop... BOOOP!" No one is really sure what this means, as no language has ever been found to translate to Robotozoid. As such, no one has ever spoken to them. Evidence suggests that they are a leftover created by a long-extinct race, which mysteriously disappeared shortly after the Robotozoids were created. These two events are probably not linked.

Race02 Icon


Though many would describe the Cerebrum as "brains encased in floating jars", the Cerebrum would describe other races as "brains encased in ground-oriented meatsacks". The origins of the cerebrum are a mystery as they never developed a proper system of writing. However, it is believed that they are the remains of another species which long ago sought, and succeeded, in leaving their fleshy bodies behind.

Race03 Icon


Widely regarded as the most despicable, vile, and untrustworthy race in all of the galaxy, Humans are a recent addition to the galactic neighborhood. They were first encountered only a few years after attaining warp drive technology. According to accounts, the first words ever spoken by a Human to another Alien Race were "Damn, you're one ugly mother-"

Race05 Icon


A strange and misunderstood race, the Occulans are not highly regarded by other species and are often mistreated. The Occulans attribute this to jealousy of their impeccible eye-sight, which is really quite exceptional. However, the real reason is that the Occulans emit a constant, garbage-like aroma whenever they are happy. To combat this, most species have resorted to treating them badly, the exception being the Cerebrum as they don't have noses.

Race06 Icon


Due to his vast intelligence, Dr. Arthur Clarke found it difficult to mix with other Humans, perceiving them all as vapid and moronic. He searched for a new home among the stars, only to find that other races suffered from the same disease - stupidity. Thus, he resolved to clone himself so that he would always have someone to share his limitless intelligence with. Though the Clarke are still regarded more highly than Humans, they are rarely invited to parties.

Race07 Icon


The Reptilians have been a monarchy since the earliest known days of their civilization. Their home world, a hot desert-like planet, has made them a hardy race. Reptilians rarely sleep, require little water, and have been known to shed their skin on a weekly basis. This constant "skin changing" has led to rampant speculation that they are capable of infiltrating other races by creating perfect disguises.

Race08 Icon


The Simian are a relatively young species, and resemble animals found on the Human home world. Their political and social systems are remeniscient of Ancient Greek traditions on the Human home world as well. Despite these two coincidences, no evidence can be found that their existence is in anyway related to Humans. No matter what certain movies may try to tell you.

Race09 Icon


The Grays are one of the oldest, most advanced races in the galaxy. Due to rampant Xenophobia amongst their species, little is known about them. A popular theory suggests that they are actually from a separate dimension entirely, while another suggests that they are from the future. What is known, is that they have been monitoring the Humans for many years through diligent and routine anal probes.

Race10 Icon


If you like killing (or helping) aliens, intricate crafting systems, and terraforming alien worlds into profit-machines, then Space Roach is the game for you. If not... well I hear Hello Kitty Online Adventure has an expansion coming out soon. So... there's that.

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