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Chapter 1 of a series of articles about my game. Would you like to learn more?

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Hello everybody! It's the creator of the game here!
Just saw this awesome feature to write articles on Desura, so i decided to tell you more about Invidia 422AC. And i will start by telling you about my self.
I started making small games before months. And the whole development of this game actually took only 3 months. And i basically made everything by my self.
So as you can see you don't need to be pro with 10 years of experience and waste 10 years making a game. All you need to do is amp it up action man!
From the start i wanted to make a cool game about city building in medieval times.
And then i though why not put all religions as a choice, and lots of templars and masons and make it a game that will show all the similarities in every religion and make people think and open the books. Two things i have to say:
"Big game companies with your pro game designers with 10 years of experience Y U NO make the first game with all religions and educate people on ancient history and philosophy?"
Dunno son, they were probably too busy making another cash-in of a last year's game with 1 new feature.
And secondly - Games are art. And art influences people. Music affects you with the resonance and feeling of the tunes. A painting affects you with its image. A movie affects you with sound, picture and a story. But the game affects you with all that plus the ability to give you control over your own experience. The creator of the game can educate you, or make you feel sad, or good.
And that is power, when thousands of people see your creation.
Ah, now i remember it. When i thought of "Invidia" as the name of the game i wanted to make sure the game teaches you one thing. (Invidia - Envy in latin)
While you play the role of a King who wants to become more and more powerful and rule the world, you will learn how the "unstoppable force of lust" is one of the most powerful human traits. "unstoppable force of lust" meaning you can use envy, anger and hurt to achieve what you want in life at this point. Instead of letting the thoughts destroy you, transmute them into a catalyst that will get you going to get what you want.
I couldn't shake the feeling that i could have wrote some quests better, and of course english is not my first language but i still managed to put a lot of stuff i want to write about in my future book, in the quests.
so lets see what are those funny quests that don't make any sense about:
- The Internet revolution and rebellious awakening that took place before a month
- The similarities in every religion leading into one true story
- The laws of attraction
- The unstoppable force of lust
- Evolution of hatred and desire (same as above)
- Science and Magick - Electromagnets affecting the human aura
- The purpose of life
- Changing the world
- In pursuit of Aleister Crowley
- Mythology of the first vampire
- The many jobs and hobbies of the humans
- The feminization of men - sadly didn't make the game
- GMO and altering good and water
- Population reduction
- Education leading to a better tommorow
- The myths about Solomon
And many, many more goodies including my own political views as a future politician.
I hope you enjoy the game!

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