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The module was released on the China Forum in 2017. Now, the module is being remade. It will solve the problems caused by earlier versions and fix some unreasonable settings. At the same time, share this module with other friends around the world.

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If anyone is interested in this module and wants to play it eagerly, then you can go to the forum where the module was originally released: You can find the early version and some old preview pictures in this forum.I will give the original URL at the end of the article.

But I must state,this is a module from China, so there is no English version.And the version I will upload in Moddb will be "Definitive Edition". I will work to fix the shortcomings of the earlier version and update the appearance of the unit to make them look cool and realistic.

Therefore, I hope everyone can wait patiently, "Definitive Edition" will be even better.

Below is the release page of the earlier version on

(出处: 翔鹰帝国网|帝国时代论坛|帝国时代系列|神话时代)

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