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Small material about future changes of the TLHotTA mod.

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Hello all.
Today I want to say about nearly future of The Last Hope of the Third Age mod (the last version you can download here).

So, now I'm working on bug fixing and some rework.
And I need help with search of bugs (of course, I see that people already wrote about some bugs in comments, but it's not enough). If you know some bugs, please let me know through comments\PM (or if you know Russian - write post here). It would be great.

If I'll have enough time to fixing, patch 1.1 (not only with bugfixings, but with some additions) will be released on New Year.

Also I reworked behaviour of AI.
I noticed, that in TLHotTA 1.0 AI don't agressive at all. AI can rush your base in the beggining, but already in middle-game it's passive.
Well, I fixed it and now if you like to play skirmish, active and angry AI would wait you in the patch ;)

So, I hope, that together we will be able to fix bugs quickly.
And at last - several screenshots of my game with updated AI:


yes ty :) this is the best mod for bfme 2 ;)

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yes best is weird that makes cool

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