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AVOID the dark! is my first game, but I forgot it for a while. Now I decided to bring it back, with some updates. This is why I created this page.

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In this topic, I will explain what I'm doing with AVOID the dark!.

First, I will create more items. AVOID the dark! had 3 items: Shield, Coin and Energy. This is not a good number, so I will add more 3 Items:

3 Coins: give 3 coins to the player;

Shrinker: redices the player size;

Magnet: attrack near items to the player.

Second, I will update some old sprites for the old things:

For the Energy Charger, I will make something more interesting: The icon will change according with your charge bar:

Low EnergyHalf EnergyFull Energy

Third, I will balance a bit the game with some soft changes:

The player/disc was moved a bit down. This gives more reaction time.

Also, some minor optimizations and stuff that no one cares about. And maybe I add more songs to give more options to the player.

This devlog ends here. This text will auto-destruct itself in 5 seconds (or not).

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