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Abomination has been re-released: more levels, menu and music by Henrik Roslund! I've also released my "Circuits Demo", which might be of interest to anyone studying logical circuitry, and the very first playable build ever, which might be of interest to anyone wondering why "Teddy = Good".

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This is a small update to address some of the issues people have had with the game, most notably my forcing you to turn around before you can lower yourself off the edge of a cliff. Now the Abomination will automatically change direction, and though it will always lower backwards if given a choice.
Another important addition is Music: Henrik Roslund was kind enough to make me this track for the game - I know a few people were turned off by the silence.

Anyway, this will be the last Gamemaker build I do - just tying off a few loose ends really. Oh, and there are a couple more levels too, bringing us to a very reasonable total of 25 - good for a few coffee breaks at least. I do plan to continue the project, but I'm porting it to C++/SDL so that I can support Mac and Linux, seeing as I use Ubuntu now. Also I started hitting up against Gamemaker's limitations - indebted though I am to the old girl, I think as a programmer it's time I moved on.

Changes since last version:

  • No more instant restart as soon as you touch the edge of the level
  • You will now automatically change direction to lower yourself down or raise yourself up
  • 5 new levels
  • Variable jumping
  • Music by Henrik Roslund
  • Using "Super Sound System" DLL
  • Mute button
  • Menu screen with level selection

Go here to download the new version, or head over to my blog for a more detailed look at what this update includes.

In order to mark this occasion I've uploaded the "Circuits Demo" I made for an Abomination: a system for adding high-level scripting to a Gamemaker game without writing a single line of code. And, in case you were wondering where "Pain = Bad" came from: the original "Abomination Teaser" has been uploaded - interesting if nothing else to see how far we've come...

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