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How to acquire abilities, and how not to. Is teleporting a good idea?

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In order to create a challenging game but also easier for the less weathered players, I've decided to add devices throughout the city that allow the player to completely avoid the main, tougher battles. That is to say, these battles are stupidly hard and very challenging, but in order to gain new abilities, you will need to fight them.

These devices teleport the player to a certain point where they need not fight the oncoming feud. But BEWARE, this is not an entirely good choice to say the least. Teleportation requires that you destroy yourself and make a copy to the next destination. With that in mind, the player will loose a part of himself, like a portion of the characters soul is being lost. Taking this into consideration, I will be taking away 1 certain ability each time the player decides to do this.

So bare in mind, if the player feels fustrated or really pissed with the game, they are entitled to skip certain points, although be warned, you will not I assure you, be able to finish the game if done too much!

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