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Largest update to Lur is coming soon! Fifty new items, five new quests and epic new boss!

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Triple A, it must be a good sign!

Game just reached 100 plays and over 1000 views on GameJolt, scores finally have really high level people and it seems everyone likes my game...

So I decided to continue developing Lur! Next Lur update is going to be massive! Some of you already heard me mumbling something about Armageddon, arsenal or something like that.

So, next update is Abandoned Arsenal!

Abandoned Arsenal will dominate most of new area, it will be building, full of traps, oil cans, varied level monsters and in its core - Armageddon boss! Armageddon boss won't have any armour, won't heal like Entity... His profession is dealing damage and he will deal lots of it, finally bringing meaning to life and other defensive stats! Armageddon will drop amazing Armageddon weapons that will have unique spells attached to them, spells that can deal quad damage, dismantle enemy stats or accumulate massive amounts of dark magic! There will also be havoc archers, arsenal defenders and corrupted wardens to kill! Havoc archers will be low level, arsenal defenders - middle level and corrupted wardens - high level. Arsenal defenders and corrupted wardens will drop pieces of assault and siege armour sets and some extremely valuable crafting materials - onyxes and cores, that will be used to create new weapons!

What else? Inside abandoned arsenal you will be able to catch oil eels, that live in oil cans. Since Armageddon will deal lots of damage, you will need good food and oil eels will be good, especially when roasted!

Quests, Lur needs more of these! With Abandoned Arsenal, I will add 5 new quests, one of them will be hardest quest in Lur: You will have to pass through abandoned arsenal traps and beat Armageddon boss!

Other quest will deal with serious problem of Lur - there's too much walking! You will help mage Narian to balance two rifts, so that you could use special gate to teleport to these rifts. There will be also fast transportation options added, such as teleport scrolls, which will alter teleport spell.

I also seek to fix other problems, that ruin fun of Lur - problems like crafting recipes, that are so random, NPC outside arsenal will sell expensive crafting recipe books. Another rather massive change - XP rate re-balance. Somewhere at high level XP amounts required to level become insanely high, while it's too easy to level up in low level, making low level items and monsters absolutely useless. Also I will be fixing exploits that allow players to receive hundreds of millions of XP! There will be many more fixes and changes.

It seems that I covered most important points of upcoming update, so this announcement comes to end. While I work on update, I suggest you to grab Lur and exploit everything, because soon most of exploits will be gone forever! Abandoned arsenal expansion should come out somewhere around Christmas.

Thanks for playing my game!

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