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After heavy decision and consideration, I have decided to release Armageddon 2: Global Terror for Free upon release.

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Yes, I have decided to release the game for free. But keep in mind, I will be still be selling a paid version, labeled THE EXTENDED CUT, which will be $5. For those who already pre-ordered, you get an automatic upgrade to the Extended Cut, which include butt-loads of new content. As for now I am working on this game mainly for Windows, while I have a friend who will port it over to MAC. As far as Steam goes, the Game might not make it onto the market unless I get $100 for a license. As far as I know you still need to pay for one. With the announcement of F2P this means I will launch the Beta and FV on ModDB along with the launcher for TEC.

Currently, I Have made new weapons models to replace the H45 and SAR, which are the SW1911 and FN FAL. I also found some new HUD elements and such for the layout. The versus mode in SWARM is still going on. Basically how it works is you make an SCEi account and you face random people across the globe. Winners of the versus match get monetary bonuses and weapon upgrades. I had to scrap the Achievements update because it made the game run slowly.

I have also planned to incorporate a reserve ammunition reload system. The handguns will have infinite ammo, but the other weapons will not.

Currently, SCE RedStorm studios is porting the game over to MAC as a Java Application. The game might include some downgraded visuals, but it still will work.

Thats it for now, peace.

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