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Hard to believe but this project has been in the works for about over a year now.
I have had many problems in other areas and had to assign this a lower priority.
Not so much has been done in its time, to my shame.
It has been a bit of a rough time for me, as it usually comes down, but thats a tale for another time.
Tough i had managed to fix up some projects of mine and now im a bit more at ease and can hopefully focus on the issue.
Tough a few loose ends remain that i wish to close up first, but il try working more at it on the side and hopefully fix the difficult issue that is now halting development.
Which it is exactly, due to the complexity of modeling programs available and my own impatience at the beginning i chose a very different approach to generate models.
Which now in time has proven to be a liablity, but i cannot really work around it effectively, so im stuck with fixing the core issue.
The problem is that my method produces hidden faces and terrible uv maps.
Being a programmer i had writen my own converter, but the nature of this work rather difficult.
So for the time being i still after a year have not a single proper uvmapped and consequently textured unit.
There are other things to work out aswel ofcourse.
Its unlikely i manage get a present for ya, this year.
Atleast il try uploading an extra screenshot.

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