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An attempt at giving information/updates on the development of the Don't Drink the Water (DDTW for short) mod to those interested

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Our beloved Protector

Several points of interest have come to our attention from the mouths of concerned Citizens. We shall address some of them in this report:

  • "Why post only one level?"- When posting the map on the webpage for the first time, it has not been expected it will be seen by more than a particular group of particular Goldsource modders for advice/critique. The interest of others was an unexpected outcome, but pleasant (Thank you so much for commenting on the map/mod, your points are always noted and taken into consideration!)
  • "What's the mod's setting?" - Answer pending. Currently, the setting fluctuates, although with the current story outline, it is very possible the mod may take inspiration from both HL2 Beta and actual HL2 setpieces, while technically being able to fit into either timeline (head-cannon-wise, of course)
  • "What does EARLY DAY ONE VERSION MEAN?" - The current vision is that the mod's events will transpire across 7 days with branching outcomes depending on if you succesfully managed to overcome the "puzzles" in each day. DAY ONE should entail all maps concerning the first day of the mod once finished. Each following day however will contain more maps, due the branching out of the story (again, dependent on the result of the puzzles)

The Consul thanks all the Concerned Citizens of City 14 for their questions, and reminds you to post your other questions at the appropriate info-tourniquets at the announced hours.
To a Better Future, with the Combine

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