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This is an article about the new V2 DEMO of the mod Escaper.

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Hello guys! So, I have some good news and bad news...

The bad news... I am gonna have a break from this. I know, well, specifically me, but when I do have a break, it usually means I forget and simply abandon this...

The good news? This will NOT be happening! I WILL have a break, mostly for the weekend, but I will return on Monday. However, during this little break, I will be working on some of the custom textures for the game, I.E, paintings, computer screens, ETC.

So, as a way to keep you guys interested, I released the V2 Demo of the game. I thought V1 would have been the final one, but I guess not. Also, as a little bonus, I have included the previously private Planner and Ideas TXT file, which includes the main events going on in each level, like the next map and even Map04 and 05. The reason I am doing this is for archival purposes, so if anyone is willing to archive a mod that mostly 15 or 25 people are gonna play, than there you go. This demo also includes the Jet cutscene, however, I don't think the Jets will appear in the maze level sadly, since 1, I have no idea how to add explosions, and 2, it would have been hell anyways. There WILL be bullshit traps, though, so I hope most of you are excited for that. This demo also has that new Map01 and more improved 02, 03, though not finalized. This demo also has the new Map04 and 05, which may lag depending on the power of your machine's CPU, I think, but I am pretty sure. Either that or it just lags universally.

Anyways, here is the download, and have a good night!

Download The New Demo Here!



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