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The mod's release is delayed, however a lot of exciting changes are in the works.

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So I think the first thing I should address is when the mod is coming out. Originally the project was slated to come out this month, however after picking up some more coding experience there's a decent amount of new stuff I'd like try before I consider it done. However rest assured I will DEFINITELY be releasing the project, most likely in November or December of this year.

Now I'd like to get into changes I've made so far, first off the smg's model has been replaced with a reskin/reanimated version I found online. Of course the creator (Illopn) will be credited and I'm providing a link to the upload I found here, it's a pretty well done gun replica:

Along with the new model, the recoil has been changed to be a much more smooth rise, making it a lot more controllable than the older version.

Other weapon changes include:

  • A new pistol sound made by a musician friend of mine
  • The smg grenade alt fire has been removed.
  • The shotgun's fire sound has been replaced with the l4d2 wooden shotgun sound
  • Grenades slide less on the ground making them easier to aim
  • The ar2 is now a burst fire weapon

But wait, there's a crazier change to the AR2, which is its new alt fire. Rather than bouncing around and dissolving enemies it touches, it explodes on impact and does damage in a radius. This makes it faaar more effective in the hands of enemies as well, and due to this now Combine Elite soldiers will be mixed in to help add some variety.

You can see all these weapon changes here:

That's basically all I'm willing to show for now, but expect some exciting updates in the near future!

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