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"Seasons" is dead ! Long live "Seasons after Fall" !

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As many indie developers (and a lot of talented ones) did this year, we entered the 13th Independant Games Festival with Seasons and a trailer :

That’s it, Seasons now has a full title : Seasons after Fall.
We think it represents what the game is in term of both gameplay and “universe”. Hope you’ll like it !

If you’re a newcomer here and you didn’t visit the game page already, here is what we are talking about :

- – - – - – -

Seasons after Fall is a puzzle / platform 2D game in wich the player, as a wild fox, travels across the countryside, through forests and rivers, taking advantage of the changing seasons.

The player can switch between seasons at any place, any time, and see how it dynamically affects the environment : freeze rivers in winter, grow trees in summer and disperse spores using the wind in autumn.

He can also interacts with other animals : they will help him explore more places and find secret ones thanks to their unique abilities.

- – - – - – -

Seasons after Fall will be available on PC / Mac / Linux in 2011.
For a possible release on consoles, we’ll need more love from you, the players, and from the consoles manufacturers.

NB : We'll modify the game page title "Seasons" to "Seasons after Fall" in few days. Not sure but you'll probably have to verify you still follow the project after that. Sorry for the inconvenience...


I simply love the art style of the game - cant wait for a release!

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I love the atmosphere, It's so beautiful!
I'm looking forward to the release :)

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can't wait!
also, one thing, in the winter, there are wayyyy to many birds singing out there, rather make some general winter sounds, like cold wind

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Hi SolidFake,

You 're absolutely right concerning the ambiance sounds in Winter. This was some kind of first sounds integration and we took this sound because it was the one made by one of our friends.
But be sure it will be more like the one you expected in one of the next iteration of the making process :)

And thanks all of you for your sweat words!

Take care.

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