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A new graphics overhaul, new environments, and a new movement system is coming in our next demo build!

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It's happened again. Since our last demo release, we've done another graphics overhaul to the game. There's always an exhilaration when finishing a scene, even if it doesn't end up exactly like how you envisioned. Rarely does a scene end up looking even better than you imagined. With the recent changes we've made to the environments, we encountered several instances where we were actually surprised at how much better the scenes looked.

This was definitely a pleasant reward for us, as many of the environments required significant adjustments. After 1.5 years of watching scenes you've spent ungodly amounts of time on require reworks (or worse, complete removal), you eventually learn to power through that initially despondent feeling.

Luckless Seven's new lighting features made many of our existing environments look funny. We've spent some time over the last few weeks reworking the hospital and the title screen sequence. We will these changes implemented in our next demo build.

Along with visual improvements, we've reworked the character movement system. In response to feedback, we've implemented two methods of movement. Holding down left-click will allow the player to move in whatever direction they move the mouse. Right-clicking will cause the player to move the the clicked spot, similar to an RTS.

Construction of the first city is back on pace. We are working on one of the last indoor environments (a library) that will be included in our Kickstarter demo. There were several neat designs we wanted to try with the floor layout that didn't end up looking right when we actually starting building. Fortunately, we still ended up with a design we really like!

We wanted to include the library in our next demo release, but a few other parts of the game required our attention. If everything goes well, we'll have screenshots of the place in the next update.

If you haven't already, check out our new Luckless Seven website! You can sign up for email updates on major announces and new demo builds.

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