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A status update by Woomeister and a major announcement!

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Some of you may remember Sol: A History, Blaise Russel's famous FS2 campaign released years ago. It used some old INFR1 and FS1 assets and fans loved it. Now, after so many years, it's been decided to bring S:AH back to the spotlight thanks to INFR1U. Woomeister, Inferno's Project Leader, just announced Sol: A History-U, INFR1U's own upgrade of the good old campaign!

Here's Woomeister's original post on Hard-Light Productions, Inferno forum. You can also read below.

Hey all the team has asked me to deliver a bit of a progress report to you on how things are going with the model upgrades and the missions


Model Progress Terran
There are a total of 48 models
22 are in the final stages
11 other HTL models are in production
15 Have yet to be started

Model Progress Earth Alliance
There are a total of 37 models
28 are in the final stages
8 other HTL models are in production
1 Have yet to be started

Model Progress Vasudan
There are a total of 34 models
14 are in the final stages
2 other HTL models are in production
18 Have yet to be started

Model Progress Shivan
There are a total of 55 models
37 are in the final stages
5 other HTL models are in production
13 Have yet to be started

So a grand total of 174 models. If you want to break it down to a total percentage
58% of models have been completed
15% of models are in production
27% of models haven't been upgraded

Not all of these
are required for the first release however as only a few last
key models are now missing for a first release candidate, the only two I
can mention without major spoilers would be the Gigas and Icanus ;)


I can't really do percentages for the missions but I'll give a bit of a breakdown.
The original plan was a 30 mission script. 'R1' was 20 missions and 'R2' was 10 as was stated in our original FAQ. This is being expanded now slightly.

Of the 20 original R1 missions only 3 haven't been started
Of the 10 original R2 missions 2 have been started
There's 1 'R1' mission not part of the original script done and one for 'R2' in the planning phase, and probably more to come, but I don't want to go into too much detail there :)

The Future

As we mentioned in our FAQ back on the announcement day there are plans to support the Inferno Upgrade and to continue adding content after the first release. This includes the Ancients campaign Gateways and a upgraded version of Sol: A History which will be released as separate downloads. There's at least one other in production/planning as well but we don't want to spoil everything so I'll only mention the two commonly known ones:

I can't really say much about Gateways at this stage as it's still in the concept phase, but it's set a large distance away from known GTVA space were the surviving Ancients fled from the Shivan invasion of their empire 8000 years before. More on this in the future.

Sol: A History-U
The Sol: A History upgrade will be fully compatible with INF-U and run from it's own mod folder. The campaign remains mostly untouched but with addition of new ship classes and only 1 slight mission change
- FS1 era ships including the Apollo and Angel
- INFASA ships introduced in the later chapters to supplement the older
Fenris and Hercules, this includes ships like the Latona, Callisto, Antaeus and Ethon

The campaign storyline remains unchanged and the only thing edited are ship types and the weapons available due to the R1 versions of weapons not being included. It's being produced as S:AH was probably the most popular none INF Team made campaign produced for INFR1 and we didn't want it to be obsolete. And no this doesn't mean INFA is cancelled as this isn't designed to replace it in the continuity.

I can share some early screens:

Sol: A History-U 01Sol: A History-U 02
Sol: A History-U 03Sol: A History-U 04

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