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Finding a composer, getting sound effects, Youtube, and level progress

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Perhaps the most badly needed addition to Wyv and Keep has been, for some time, a proper soundtrack. No more. Our long and painful quest for a composer has ended, conveniently enough with a simple well-timed email in our inbox. One Luke Thomas has won the much-coveted position as the team's musical engineer, and'll soon have his own place in the castle.

Luke's been great to work with thusfar, and is already developing a wonderful sound for the game on the whole, and is making quick work of the soundtrack. And also, he can do sound effects! The time has come to do away with our crappy temporary sounds. So hallelujahs all around.

In other news, our first youtube video has topped 1,000 views! Let's hope for many more youtube-related (and unrelated) milestones in the near future.

David's got the engine nearly bug-free, and Beau and Jesse have been hard at work completing the levels, and are already working through the fourth and fifth templates. Most of the puzzles have been finished, and are being integrated into each world's overall theme. Presentation-centric details such as level intros/outros, various effects, and the game's introduction itself are also taking shape quickly, helping the game feel more complete daily.

More news soon, of course!

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