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The beast is moving to something bigger and better, which will also allow us to release the game fully, as an Open Source title. And none of that GNU/GPL Messy Stuff!

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-- Soft Pulse Update --

It's been a very, very long time since we have last had a chance to update this games Moddb/Indiedb page. We at Hellheim Studios have been rather busy with side projects and other things like that as well as finding a newer engine to port the game to. We have a bit of news to bring up, that has happend in the last month or so that we've been keeping under wrap so to speak. First things first, we are no longer going to be using the Cube 2 Engine. We're moving on to something bigger and better, which will also allow us to release the game fully, as an Open Source title. So to get this to happen as well, this will require a lot of changes. The first thing on the list is remaking and redoing most if not all resources and assets used in the game. So to celebrate the engine change, we bring you the final gameplay video from Torment, in its early, early alpha stage.

Hope you enjoy the video.

On the other side of things... We're going to be migrating to the CC Engine which is still in the works. Which is a variant of the Cube 2 Engine. But instead of using cubescript. It will have the power of Lua. This also means more mods etc, to be churned out of the Torment world.

In other news, we have finally got our long awaited invite to the Desura Beta. Thanks Intense. So we will be doing some runs and other misc. things with in Desura. More details on that later once we explore some more options. This leads us into our next topic to talk about. File Planet and IGN.

We got contacted by the IGN / File Planet Editor, and will doing some alternative mirroring with them and working with them in the PR field. This is an awesome oppertunity and couldn't pass this one up for sure!

With the complete redesign and everything, I think we're headed in the right direction. We've also got community interest in remaking the Doom, and Doom 2 : Hell on Earth Single Player/Coop maps remade on Torment. How cool is that? If you watched the video, it's on a little map we call Forward_base. But if you can guess what Remake that is... Kudos.

To finish it off, incase you have yet to listen...

Torments Official Theme Music -- Courtesy of our one and only Kaylon T Sherman.

Anyways you'll hear from us again soon I promise,

Best Regards,
David "Duke-Nightmare" Cluett

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