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The map will have a number of new weapons to choose from. Silenced weapons like AK74 Silenced, also sometimes you will have to take cover in tall buildings and snipe the enemy from a far. a.k.a total sniper pwnage.

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If its sniping from the seccond floor of an apartment block, or from the top of a crane, every sniping fan will be happy. There will be high vantage points that will give you a huge area to cover, and also a nice place to score a few headshots.

Plus here is a full list of new weapons that will be available:
- AK74u Silencer with Red Tiger Camo ( sort of easy to find )
- AK47 Silencer with Blue Tiger Camo ( not so easy to find, trust me )
- M14 with Red Dot without any camo ( Tip: some civilian has hid this weapon under his bed )
- M249 with Acog sight ( ammo is an issue with this one so its possible that it will be cut in the final version )
- G3 Semi-Auto ( Thought someone might want that )
- A4 Rocket launcher ( that was in the original game, why Infinity Ward never allowed us to use it is a mystery )
- M9 with Silencer ( Arent we sneaky )

Update, 04.06.09: Finished importing the M1 A1 Thompson from CoD:WaW

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