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Just a preview of some of the future land units for the mod. Plus a a note about the name.

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These are a few models that are in various stages of production that have been made for FOC Adv. I just have three at the moment but others will be revealed at the right times. so with out further ado...


The V-wing airspeeder mostly complete, Model by MandoBardanJusik. A Rebel airspeeder that will be replacing the T-47 Airspeeder

AHS-1 heavy assault speeder

The RHS-1 "Walkerbuster" Heavy Airspeeder. A high level Rebel airspeeder as a counter to the imperial AT-AT walkers. Model By MandoBardanJusik, Skin by The_Darker_Side.

New UNIT: Missile crab

The Missle Crab. A Zann Consortium AA vehical capable of targeting ground targets and melee attack. Legs by MandoBardanJusik.

The second thing I wanted to talk about the name of the mod. I have been asked several times what's "Advanced" about the mod. To clear things up I am going to change the name of the mod to something that refelcts the direction I want to go. I am keeping it under wraps for now, but it most likely will be revealed with the first public beta.

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