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I thank all those who are waiting for me to reactivate this mod with a sneak peek.

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Thanks to all those who are waiting here's a little preview of what's to come.

I am currently working on the Star Fox Gen mod (you should check it out BTW), but I have not forgotten or forsaken this mod. This is an update to prove this and to reveal my intentions for this mod. Eventually this mod will include a new campaign (non-canon of course) that will pick up where FOC left off.

The empire is in retreat after the battle of Endor, the new republic is organizing a new government and armed forces, the Zann Consortium has found a secret that will put all in jepordy. A sith army frozen in carbonite along with a sith lord have been awakened by Sirli, But Tyber Zann was aware of her actions and has allied himself with the ancient sith lord Darth Wolvius. Seeing an oppertunity to rule the galaxy's crime world as well as being the power behind a new power rising, Zann launches a new campaign to conquor both politics and crime.

New Units
Lucrehulk Heavy Carrier
Munificent Class Frigate
MC80 Cruiser

Imperial-II Star Destroyer
Carrack class Corvette
Victor II frigate
Anti-armour Stormtroopers

Kyramud Class Cruiser
Jehavey class frigate
Sith Soldier

New Heroes
Master Luke Skywalker
Two Jedi (undecided)
Viscount Super Cruiser (Mon Mothma)
Sundered Heart II (Leia)

Two Sith or dark side adepts (Undesided)
Chimera (Pelleaon)
Executor class SSD (undecided which)

Darth Wolvius (Sith)
Darth Adros (Sith)
Vengence SSD (Wolvius space)
Sith Frigate (Adros space)

Removed Heroes
Sundered Heart (Antillies)

Darth Vader

Okay well that's it for now. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to post them here, on the forums or send me a message.

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