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Here's a few of the features currently situated in 0.3.0.

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Note: These are only a few, as there is a lot more that I can't fit into this article!

1. Dynamic GUI elements:

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2. Interactive Highlighting

3. Reworked Class D AI and MTF AI

4. Fully operational Vents/Breakable windows (Testing Chamber 2B)

5. Operational Tesla gates

7. SCP-173-J


1. Fixed Player camera locking when being contained by MTF units.

2. Fixed Camera Clipping.

As stated earlier, these are only a few of the additions/bugfixes in the mod, as there are so many more to look into, and many more to come!

Thanks for reading.

Playable 173 Mod Discord Server:


When will 0.3.0 arrive?

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slender13561 Author

Since there's still a bit left to do before release, v0.3.0 will probably release next month.

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Wow! Just amazing how much you’re putting into this game and how much progress there is. I’m really excited over this.

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I've played 3.0 and have a few questions. Could you please put the achievements back in? And how do you use the vent menu? Thanks.

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