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Though I have presently stopped working on this mod specifically and this sort of mod in general, a very talented modder and good member of this community is currently working on an Axis & Allies mod that is similar in theme and setting, and which I think fans of this game and would-be fans of this mod would enjoy immensely.

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The mod in question, partly inspired by the Command & Conquer games, is named Chaos & Conquest, and is linked here. It is under development by the long-time and legendary A&A modder Theharkonnen, who is already well known for his work on the old game forum (RIP) and in his assistance with the development of other popular mods for this game, including providing the radar model for my old RSTC mod and assisting me in figuring out how to convert .nif models for this mod, as well as assisting in the development of the ambitious Uncommon Valor mod.

I apologize, of course, for not currently developing this mod further, as I am sure many of you would still like, but for now I am certain at least a good majority of you who were excited for this mod would greatly enjoy Chaos & Conquest, which is set in the (at time of writing) near future in a hypothetical scenario following the collapse of the United States. Russia, China, an "EU" type faction and a post-US military faction are all to be included, as well as diverse factions representing South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Give the mod a watch and see if you won't be as excited as I am for this new project, which is arguably already further to completion than even this old mod is.

I hope to see you there!

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