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The mod, why it's been stagnating for over a year and what the hell is really going on.

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So as some of you may have guessed, the mod is stagnating.

Is it because I'm lazy? Well, yes, but that's not the entire reason - I simply bit off more than I could chew.

DA was never intended to be a simple rules edit, change a few units here, add a few units there, restore some of the beta units - I had grander visions, being inspired by large RA2 mods like Mental Omega I thought I could... fill in the gaps? of what I thought was missing. Just imagine, a canvas upon which you can draw however you want, with no restrictions, no limits (other than the engine, really), the ability to create a world and a story to your own liking. The largest problem however - either you use public assets that every other mod in existence has already used or you create your own. I tried to go for a bit of both.

That's where I hit my first roadblock.

I'm a team of one person, with a friend who tags along and gives me feedback on images and ideas and we come up with ideas together. They've helped a bit with the mod directly but soon gave up aswell. (That is not to say that they've done no work, on the contrary actually, without them the mod would've been dead within the first 2 weeks.)

"Does this mean the mod is dead?"

No, I never said I'm giving up, or even taking a break, but I'm going to need a lot of time to learn how to model, how to make music, to make decent looking cameos by whatever miracle.

I've done work on the mod - even if there is barely anything to show for it I've sculpted out the skeleton of the mod, the factions, their playstyles, the units, the story, the heroes, their personalities and roles. However had my friend not tagged along this would've turned out as another terrifying blob of a mod on moddb.

The mod is not a remake of *one* game, it's a remake of three, if we count Yuri's Revenge as a separate game, rather than an expansion. The RA1 story will be remade, RA2 story will be partially scrapped and the YR story will be completely remade from scratch because the cliché "i just want to take over the world for lulz guise!!!" theme doesn't sit well with me. No motive, no nothing, just lust for control over the entire planet and although Red Alert is supposed to be cheesy this is too much cheese for me.

While the mod is inspired by Mental Omega it is not trying to literally rip it off and while some of the stuff is similar (3 factions for each side etc.) DA attempts to create it's own political universe - the 3 faction system is simply too good. What else, 5-4-1 factions like vanilla? 4-4-4? 4 seems like too many. 2-2-2? That's too few - 3 is the magical number that snuggly fits between "too many" and "not enough."

So while yes, the mod is stuck in development hell. it is not by any means dead. I'll try my best to deliver what's written at the top.

Yes, it might take a year, or several even, but even if barely anyone plays anymore the mod will be there, for any lone passers by to pick up.

That is all, have a nice day!

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