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Taking a second shot to find a stronger base. I don't know if it will work.

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As you all are know by now, SMod:T isn't the most stable mod out there. Half of the time, you're crossing your fingers hoping that you're save will load. We know that this is a problem and it's a little hard to fix it right now. We don't have the source code to it, and even if we did what good will it do us? We don't know where to start looking, and the problem could just be hiding on some dll file. We don't know! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel that just might fix some of it.

Many of you know full well what happened to OMS, regarding a leak. That leak just might be the ticket to having a more stable base for SMod:T. I do in fact have it on my computer, and I am sorting any file that is causing it not to work. It has the same problems as 5.56 did before it was fixed. And I've have forgotten half of what I did. But this will not stop us from performing the task at hand.

From what I have figured out, there are a few more weapons in the leak then there are in 5.56. It's nice to have the ones in 5.56, but sometimes you just need a bigger to do the job right. As time goes by, keep in mind that it as about 3 weeks to finish the first fix. There are a few things to fix that the old version didn't have, like unfinished weapons. Daxent is great when it comes to under standing how the weapon and their coding work, but I think I'm going to do that on my own. You know learn a little so I can say that I know what they do.

I ask that you go and sign up on the forums and stay active there. I will be looking for beta testers, and I will be looking there first. There will be many updates on the road ahead of us, and most should be happening there. As well as the forums, go join the steam group.

Good bye for now and Happy hunting.
- H3XiST

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