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Because its been a while since we've done any news, I decided to share what we have done.

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As far as mapping, we are done with over 50% of the mapping, and as soon as I can record videos, I'm going to make a video comparison of the old E1M1 in Doom with the new E1M1.

As far as models, we have 5 first person weapon models made, plus the Doom Marine model made.

And as far as coding, we haven't really done much. We have nearly all the information for coding the monsters and weapons, except for projectile speeds. We are also thinking of new weapon ideas that could work in Doom Deathmatch, like the Rifle that was meant to be in Doom, but was taken out in Doom Alpha.

As for the team, well, we still could use help, mostly with coders and modelers. As usual, if you want to help, contact me on steam (NinjaBunny0)

Also, I had to recreate the KDitD group because of the typo in the name. Here's the new group URL.


Nice to see progress here :) keep it up!

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