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A quick briefing on the mod's development so far. Good and bad news.

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Development is still going strong, if not stronger than it was on the first two days of development :) . So far, Raygen has made a really nice flare gun, and Pyro_fox_hunter has tweaked the c4 for us to emit a poisonous gas after exploding. That should rid of the damn deer.Aside from the good news, there is of course bad news. We currently are positive the map will cause some serious FPS drops for even those who can run BF2 maxed out, the lower halves of trees leaves are black (can easily be fixed after some re-writing of the skybox according to Bullace) and it appears server hosted via the in-game “Create Local [Server]” option will cause the host player to crash to desktop when another player joins. We are working our butts off to fix these issues to assure quality for our future players.Happy hunting!

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