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what's been going on for the last few weeks? Well, quite a lot! We integrated many puzzles and added interactions for many parts of the game. But there are still many placeholders which need to be filled in and many parts need to be tested over and over again. However it is satisfying to see how everything is coming together.

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Here's a list of additional things we did:
- We created 10 new rooms
- We did an overall polish almost everywhere, like adding additional details to many of our older 3D rooms as well as adding particles, shaders and different kinds of effects.
- Ongoing scripting. We added lots of puzzles
- We wrote hundreds of new texts and dialogues
- We created 4 new ingame video cutscenes
- We created a new menu with all kinds of settings like subtitles, brightness, Music/Voice/Sound Settings

A usual adventure would contain between 30 and 60 rooms. With Oak Island we have a total of more than 75 sceneries and additional close up scenes. It's a big bucket full to the brim and we must prevent it from overflow. Let's hope that it won't become any bigger; actually some parts already feel too big too handle.

Letters from the past
We have been also adding letters and drawings to the game. You will read this letters to get additional information about Oak Island, previous excavations and other strange strings that happened on the Island. These letters will give you a lot of background informations and will enrich the atmosphere.

People on Oak Island
Some of you could ask if you will get in touch with some of the "real" people who live on Oak Island these days... or even with historic, real treasurehunters like Daniel Blankenship, Dave Blankenship, Fred Nolan or Rick and Marty Lagina. Unfortunately this won't be possible because of the individual rights of these people. We just don't want to risk legal problems - so our characters on the island are purely fantasy.

And there will be more fantasy and some creative freedom. We want the game to be entertaining, so we change some small minor things here and there. Most players won't see any difference and the island stays like it is. But in detail, if you are a historian and know the geology or the history of the island, you would notice some minor differences.

How longer it will take?
We know how it is to wait. We know that most of you would really like to get the game in their hands RIGHT NOW!! Trust us, we will give our best to get it done as soon as possible!!

Preorder "The Mystery of Oak Island"
We are always happy for additional pre-orders via Paypal on Pre-orders give us an additional budget, which we need to provide voices, further improvements, and more content. Thank you very much!! :)

Yours sincerely,
The Oak Island Team

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