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A new week and a new report with more new info. This time with an explanation on one of the most important gameplay aspect, new progress, new shots, new music, some animations and new Fanart!

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Weekly Report #5

A new week and here I am again to bring back some progress to the game status and some new info. This time i'll focus on explaining about the leveling system, showing you a ton of new shots, a new sneak peak of another track for the game, and a couple of animations i've been doing...


The first part of this system is quite straightforward. It's the classic old-school leveling-up system. You defeat enemies, they give you experience and when you get enough of it you then level up and this results in your parameters growing up.

In APFM, the levels range from 1 to 10 and they require an, increasingly, amount of experience to acquire them.

Through leveling-up your parameters get increased but you won't learn any skill or Magic in this way.

Of course, in this aspect there are some important differences too for every character, since, while Mai has a focused physical abilities (HP, ST, etc) growth, Lucy has a growth more oriented to her magical parameters (MN, MD , etc).

Finally, note, there's one more thing which will lead to the 2nd part of leveling-system. Leveling up will provide AP. You'll get 1, 2 or 3 AP depending on the level, which then, can be used in another section of the leveling-system. This to be discussed in an upcoming report.

Screenshots and OST

Today I bring with me a lot of media for everyone, so let's get started:


Here there's a small selection of shots from the Chapter 1

Shot11 shot12
shot13 shot14

Original Soundtrack

Zero0Ichi brings us another sneak peak of a new track

New Progress

Back on track, this is what We've been doing lately:

  • Bugs: We are still fixing bugs and various glitches. Throughout the week we have fixed many more errors of the list. Some easy some difficult but at least they are already fixed.
  • AnimFX: 'You get what you pay" can be applied to us in this aspect. Trying to saving us some time, we decided to use the RPG Maker own animFXs. And this just end up being a headache after another. So once and for all (or so we think) we've solved the problems in this aspect. The animFXs have been "pixelated" to give them a more graphically consistent feeling. All of them have been also resized to fit the actual characters' scales and finally all of them have been relocated because the majority of them weren't even close to the target they were aiming. So after all this work, problem solved... for now.
  • Animations: I continue my struggle with Mai's battlechars. I'm desperate to finish this, but this is something that goes slowly. At this time, I'm making animations for one of the melee weapons, which is looking great (or so that's what Zero0Ichi says :P). So here you can take a look at a couple of samples:



And to wrap up this report, just like it is lately usual, a new pack of Fanart is here too (sounds familiar? :P):

First we have a sketch of Lucy:


And now Mai disguises herself as Kid from Chrono Cross to attend to the carnival:


And last but not least, because we love cats, take a look at our adorable kitty-Lucy <3


And that's all for now everyone. Please stay tuned for more info in the next report!

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