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A new week, a new report with more new info. This time on new gameplay elements like Magic new shots and of course new FanArt!

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Weekly Report #3

A new week and here I am again to bring back some progress to the game status. This time i'll focus on gameplay elements. So here we go...



As mentioned in earlier reports, One key thing that generated doubts to Zero0Ichi when he was designing the game was the magic aspect.

Zero0Ichi wrote: Should i add magic to this kind of game? Magic in a horror-game?!...

He thought about it a lot and in the end he said to himself

Zero0Ichi wrote: If i had the chance to add it, i will

and so the game end up having magic.

So let's talk a little bit about Magic, because there are some highlights.

  • Character Differences: Mai and Lucy differentiate in the Maná they have, being Lucy much more stronger in this aspect as she has a lot more MN. This balances the fact that Lucy can't use firearms or barehands to fight. On the other hand, Mai possesses, let's say, the most powerful magic, while Lucy has the best healing Magic.
  • Maná: The Maná points or MN are required to use Magic. You can't use it without those. The problem is, human don't have this ability in a natural way, which means that no item recovers MN, not even the save-point recovers it. For Maná to be recovered, you have to drink 'monsters' blood which gives the ability to generate Maná to the character. This isn't shown very explicitly in the game even if it might seem obvious, I still wanted to clarify it.
  • Magic-Types: The Magic is divided into three different types:
  1. Healing: Always used in the Player character, they are used to recover HP, recover from illness, etc.
  2. Elemental: or attack. These Magics have elemental affinity and cause damage to the target the player's aiming to. For example Fire, Lightning, etc.
  3. Ailments: These Magics cause illness to targets plus a small amount of damage. Examples include: Hurt, Slow, etc.
  • Usage: From the Menu, you equip the magic you want to use. This will be assigned to the HUD's Magic Hotkey. Back on the game, just press the aforementioned hotkey and you'll use the Magic producing its effect and spending the required MN.
  • Particularities: There are some attributes that can't be forgotten when using Magic, like the Cast time, the Blow-up power, the scope, the range or the ability to bounce back from some of these.

And this is, roughly speaking, the Magic system.

The Red Box

Dev wrote: Let me tell you about the red box.

Fellow wrote: what is special in that red box?

Dev wrote: Well, it's an object the player can pickup and throw.

  • Warning: Just like any other *thing* you can interact with, when you're close to any of these, you get warned. This time though, you have the typical interaction sound but no exclamation mark, instead, you get a light gray outline around the box.

  • How-To: When you get close to a box, just press the interact button and the character will pickup the box. ¡Watch out though, the Interact button is the same as the attacking one so if you're not close enough to it you'll attack it instead of picking it up and yet you'll destroy it but in place! With the box picked up, we can move it freely. And when you want to throw the box out, you can do it easily just by pressing the Interact button again. The character will throw the box away and destroys it.

  • Usefulness: The box has two different uses:
  1. Throw it upon enemies: They'll get damaged.
  2. Break it when trrown or get attacked: There is a chance to get some items inside of it. This items can vary from:
  • -Scraps: When you get these, the character will recover some HP (Health).
  • -Blood: When you get these, the character will recover some MN (Mana).
  • -Poison: When you get these, the character will lose HP (Health).You have been warned!

The item dropping ratio will be influenced directly by the character's LK (Luck) parameter.

New Progress

So we keep on going through chapter 1 and this are some of the progress we've made so far:

  • Puzzles: The Puzzles for the 'big' area of the chapter 1 are finished, left only testing to see if they work properly.
  • Original Soundtrack: Zero0Ichi is just begining the creation of a new track. Don't know if this one will made its way to chapter 1 or maybe will be held for another one.
  • Maps: On this aspect, Zero0Ichi is still integrating the maps. This said, there's only a few more remaining!
  • *Cinematics*: We're getting through this aspect a lot. The introduction is completely finished. There are also some others close to be finished.

  • Animations: On this one I've been struggling lately. To keep you informed, i already finished some more and right now all the firearms animations are already done.

More Media

In this report there are more media to see and hear!

  • Here you can see some new screenshots.


  • And as said in earlier, here Zero0Ichi brings up a new sample of one of the new tracks for the OST.


As is lately usual, let's finish this report with some more lovely Fanart. :)




And that's all for now everyone. Please stay tuned for more info and visuals in the next report!

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