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A long journey in search of the ultimate SW:KotOR experience.

Posted by on about to be finalized. Even if there is wide margin for improvement (isn't there always?), I believe that 2018 will see the first public release of a community effort I tried to orchestrate at the best of my modest abilities.

Not everything is unfortunately the way I envisioned this release: for starters, the graphical overhaul of the game is perhaps only 20% complete. The main contributors either retired from the modding scenes or moved ahead with other projects on other games. There are bright rising stars that help me think positively about the future though. Talented young (and less young) people that seem to have (re)discovered a truly timeless classic.

I was also hoping to see one promising modder complete his AI overahul modification to later include it as part of SW:KotOR Upgrade project but his work has stalled again and there is no way to know when and if it'll ever be complete.

Said that, version 2.0 (there have been many internal versions prior to this one that have been worked on and expanded, polished and refined) has much to be proud of in terms of content.

I want to take once again the opportunity to thank and give credit to the many gifted guys and girls that helped me push out this modification and make it public.

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