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Yarrr pirates,
I had to fix a bug which made the different rage attack types unselectable. The update is available now. Also the responsible crew member will now be keelhauled (unfortunately the crew is only me...).

Also what is going to happen with PirateHell now?

The answer is easy: I'll expand it.

I'll create a world map which will replace the mission selection menu. Also on this map there'll be harbours where you can buy stuff and select random missions (like wanted posters or protection missions) and find hidden treasures.

"Meeh. This surely is going to be DLC, eh?"

Nope. I'll take the "minecraft"-way which means: If you bought the game, all updates will be free. Nevertheless as the game is growing the price will be raised a little.

So long,



That really sounds awesome. I bought and tried the game yesterday, and will review it soon as promised.

I've got some points where I would love to see improvement (you're probably well aware of them, but still -):
- no abrupt stopping of the ship when the acceleration-key is released
- let the ship turn even when it doesn't move forward
- more "personal" ships: don't just call them "small", "medium" etc., give them class names (corvette, frigate, whatever..) and maybe let the player choose the painting, the name, the flag etc.

Best regards :)

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Well just finished what was in the game so far and had a lot of fun. Now I saw this and can't wait to see the expansion on the game.

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