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Our warband will hit Kickstarter on November 17, and the team is rowing hard to get the demo ready. Now we are planning for the Early Access version of the The Great Whale Road and want to hear from you which cultures you want to play first.

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A November Kickstarter & Playable Cultures

Our Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for November 17! With the demo under development, we are asking you which cultures we should implement in the Early Access version.

The demo will include:

Northumbrians: Part of the Anglo-Saxon culture group, which was a pick & mix of Germanic tribes which had been raiding the British coast already back in Roman days. They took over the lion's share of the island and were partially Christianised by the start of the game (at least their kings were by then). They were spread across seven major and some minor kingdoms. They could be found fighting each other, the Britons and the Picts.

The Northumbrians

Danes: These hardy proto-Vikings can be found on the north flank of our world map. Our game is set during the Vendel period, the era between the migration period and the start of the Viking age. These folks were surprisingly well connected to the rest of Europe for centuries, they were for example utilized by the Romans to put pressure on other Germanic tribes to protect the Limes border. We couldn't start without the Danes, so we are getting them ready for the Kickstarter demo as well.

The Danes

Franks: The successors of the Roman Empire in the west, and the most Romanised of Germanic kingdoms in the west. The game plays in Merovingian period, which is when the Frankish kingdoms consolidated and expanded. They will be in the Kickstarter demo as well.

Now you decide which culture we should add next!

Picts: You have to love them - a mysterious people, famous for running around naked and painted blue. Incredibly suicidal warriors, if the stories are to be believed. They joined forces with Irish Gaels and Britons and became the Scots of later centuries.

Britons: Again a multitude of larger and minuscule kingdoms at the edges of Britain. By 650 AD they still held Cornwall, and were going strong in Wales and the North. They were a mixture of mountain hillbillies in Welsh valleys and more or less Romans with a strange accent in other places.

Frisians: Some of them were also part of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain, but it seems that most stayed on the continental side, maybe English cuisine was already invented by then. They found some of the most important trading centres and are key players in the trade around the North Sea. The Franks decided that they had some vital interests to protect at one point and the Frisians 'voluntarily' joined the Frankish kingdom.

Bretons: Not to be confused with Britons these good people decided not to live on the same street as the Anglo-Saxons and did what thousands of English still do every year - they crossed the channel and bought a house in France. They were highly Romanised Britons with a surprising number of strong female leaders and a flavour for violence. The Franks actually instituted the first defensive march against the Bretons during the time our game is set in.

Saxons: These folks were as Germanic as it got in Merovingian times. Strictly pagan, infamous for barbecuing missionaries (most likely one of them went after their choirboys first), they repeatedly clashed with the Franks (who invaded time after time) until the Saxons were either assimilated or killed.

How you can help?

You can tell us which culture is your favourite! If you like what you see you can help us by spreading the word and sharing/liking/following us on Facebook and Twitter:


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